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The largest and most modern centre of maintenance
and hangarage aeronautical in the country

HBR Aviation | Helicopter patio and taxiway


HBR was born from the dozens of aviation professionals. Our desire wasn’t to build another helipad, but the biggest and best Centre of hangarage and maintenance of helicopters in the country, and we are prepare for that. The project is ambitious and innovative in every way. Starting with your architectural construction that respects and prioritizes the minimal environmental impact and your infrastructure focused on the well-being of pilots. In addition to customer service all available aircraft models and services that provide customers with the best experience.

Sao Paulo has the largest fleet of helicopters in the world. And, despite the increasing demand for this means of transport, the market is outdated and has little to offer to owners and captains. That is the deficit that the HBR intends to consolidate and offer the very best in the market of rotorcraft. Excellence is our motto and our customers our top priority. Welcome to HBR, the most modern centre of hangarage and maintenance of aircraft from Brazil.

HBR Aviation | Helicopter Hangars


New HBR centres are already in development
in various urban centres of the country

HBR in Florianópolis, Santa Caratina
HBR in Rio de Janeiro
HBR in Salvador, Bahia
HBR in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
HBR in Refice, Pernambuco
HBR in Fortaleza, Ceará
HBR in Goiânia, Goias

The HBR offers unique facilities of the highest international standard.

HBR Aviation | Operacional

HBR Sao Paulo

HBR Sao Paulo is installed in an area of 51,000 m², with 25,000 m² of built area and a patio and taxiway of 15,000 m² marked out and lit up for concurrent operation of 19 aircraft. With ramp free of obstacles, our heliport is the only of Brazil with the Specific Plan of Noise Zoning – PEZR, in portuguese – approved by ANAC, with operations 24 hours a day.

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HBR has structures of the highest standard. For owners, we guarantee privacy and comfort. For the pilots, a infrastructure never seen before in the market, capable of meeting all your needs. Our employees also received a special area dedicated to promoting the well-being of all them.

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HBR Aviation | Structure
HBR Aviation | Services


HBR has the best hangarage and maintenance services of the market. Our hangars are capable of 200 helicopters, being 150 hangarados and 50 in maintenance. Our workshops are certified with the highest degree of evaluation, and the professionals, highly skilled, are entitled to maintenance engine and avionics of the main executive models.

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Social Responsibility: One of our pillars

We value the quality of our services, as the satisfaction of all around us.

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HBR: A sustainable architectural design

It's more than a centre of hangarage and maintenance. Is a project of sustainability.

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HBR Aviation | Sao Paulo

Dr. Mauro Lindemberg Monteiro Avenue, 979

Zip Code 06278-010 – Osasco – SP – Brazil

23º 28' 43" S | 046º 46' 52"


+ 55 11 4880 8000