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The HBR has high levels of
security in its operations

HBR Aviation | Helicopter patio and taxiway

Mechanisms & Procedures

The HBR aims, above all, the well-being of its customers and commanders. Therefore, we have mechanisms and procedures of the highest levels of security in our operations. Being at 793 meters above sea level, the helicenter has a free approach ramp, day and night rotating headlights, large taxiway and a completely marked out and lit up patio, which gives the commanders and their passengers full security at the moments of the landings and departures.

In addition, our center has a chain of meticulous and cautious processes for the safety and conservation of helicopters, such as interior and exterior hygiene, preventive maintenance, parts and components replacement and oriented supplies. These care guarantees not only the protection and comfort of the users, but also the perfect performance of the equipment in action. And this makes our company a benchmark in the market for this item.

Mapping of safety mechanisms and processes in HBR Aviation operations


Free Ramp

Approach ramp free of obstacles for safe landings and departures.


Rotary Headlight

Day and night rotary headlights for approaching aircraft signaling.


Ramp, Taxiway & Spots Lit up

More than 800 LED's signal the runway and guide safe landings and departures.


Large Taxiway

Taxiway with 170m long and 22m wide for safer mobility.


Patio Marked up

Patio completely marked out for the simultaneous and safe operation of 19 aircraft.


Track Attendance

Motor vehicles transfer customers between aircraft and VIP room.


Interior & Exterior Hygiene

In hangarage, the aircraft receives cleaning, washing and polishing services.


Preventive Maintenance

In maintenance, the aircraft has 90 technical sections and 3 paint booths.


Parts & Components Replacement

Being a one stop shop, we have more than 3,000 items available.


Oriented Supply

The supply of the aircraft is done by the Air BP unit installed in the company.

landings and departures

Number of annual operations authorized by ANAC and the largest among all heliports in the country.

approved by ANAC

We are the only enterprise of its kind to have the Specific Plan of Noise Zoning approved.


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