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The HBR offers owners and
commanders unique and cozy spaces

VIP room dedicated to aircraft owners and their guests

VIP Room

The room dedicated exclusively to aircraft owners and their guests, combines comfort and sophistication with minimalist and cozy decor. Sofas, armchairs and tables forming small distinct environments that can be enjoyed with absolute privacy.

Gourmet Coffee Bar

The VIP room share your space with the Gourmet Coffee Bar. Our cafeteria baristas are trained to prepare, with arabica grains 100% selected, various types of high quality coffee, such as cappuccinos, lattés and macchiatos. As an accompaniment, customers have available snacks, chocolates, mineral water, etc.

Gourmet Coffee Bar dedicated to aircraft owners
Wide meeting rooms dedicated to aircraft owners

Meeting Rooms

To optimize the time of our customers, wide meeting rooms, equipped with videoconferencing and Wi-Fi, available 24 hours a day. In those spaces, they can treat since commitments until matters of personal interest.

HBR has a building dedicated exclusively to commanders.


Recognize and value the commanders is the main focus of our company. With that in mind, we design environments where they can take a break while waiting for their flights. The living is one of these rooms. Relaxed and comfortable, it provides resting and entertainment moments to the pilots.

Living dedicated to commanders
Flight planning center dedicated to commanders

Flight Plan

Flight planning center has satellite images, radars and weather reports, in real time, that are available to commanders 24 hours a day. In addition, there are news channels, computers with high-speed internet access and telephones.


HBR has a room with three flight simulators for the daily improvement of commanders. These equipment not only reduces the costs of training pilots but also reduces the environmental impact of fuel burning.

Simulators room dedicated to commanders
Gourmet Coffee Bar dedicated to commanders

Gourmet Coffee Bar

The cafeteria dedicated exclusively to the commanders has baristas trained to prepare, with arabica grains 100% selected, various types of high quality coffee, such as cappuccinos, lattés and macchiatos. As an accompaniment, pilots have available, snacks, energy drinks, mineral water, etc.

Break Room

It’s another environment where the commanders can take a break between flights. This area serves both for a brief break from pilots, as a place of interaction between colleagues.

Break room dedicated to commanders
The office complex dedicated to commanders


The office complex designed for commanders has large private rooms – air conditioning, video conferencing, high-speed Wi-Fi, cable TV, furniture Marelli and Herman Miller – that can be used to resolve professional issues as meetings with the owners of the aircraft.

Rest Room

HBR offers a specially heated room with six comfortable chaises, acoustic treatment and lighting control. Known in F.B.O.s cutting edge worldwide, the "Snooze Room" offers an environment where the pilot can recover your energy and be ready for your next flight without fatigue.

Snooze room dedicated to commanders
140 individual lockers especially designed and dedicated to commanders


Thinking about the well-being of the commanders in every single detail, HBR prepared a room with individual lockers especially designed to accommodate work equipments and uniforms of the commanders, in addition to space for personal items like clothing, footwear, social case for overnight, helmet, etc.


As well as spaces dedicated to work and rest, we created an environment for investing in the health of the pilots. Our Academy has the latest Life Fitness equipment and skilled professionals to guide commanders during workouts.

Academy dedicated to commanders
Changing Rooms dedicated to commanders

Changing Rooms

The changing rooms designed to the commanders are large and complete. These environments have heated showers, individual lockers while using the gym and facilities rooms, sauna, comfortable chairs to rest and much more.


Another environment designed to promote the health and well-being of the commanders. The sauna is a totally enclosed space coated with wood and heated by an electric generator without the release of steam. The climate reminds a pleasant and relaxing spa.

Sauna dedicated to commanders
Restaurant dedicated to commanders


The space destinated to the commanders offers variety of menus with buffet of salads, hot dishes, desserts and beverages following the high standard of quality of our services.

Our staff also benefit
from a special space.


The member of staff are encouraged to make use of the living area. This space was designed to assist the integration of the staff and create a work environment more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Break room dedicated to staff
Games room dedicated to staff


The games room is another of our facilities for spare time for the member of staff. And, in addition to relax, also contributes to the creation of a work environment more sociable and collaborative.

Dressing Room

The male and female locker rooms dedicated to the staff are spacious and comfortable. These spaces have hot showers and individual lockers to accommodate your belongings during the working hours.

Dressing Room dedicated to staff


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